Our Honey

Seven years ago, Isabelle, a former civil engineer, surprised her

newly retired husband John, a former deep sea captain,

with a single hive for his 60th birthday.

How it All Started
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The couple had recently retired to Marathon, Florida, after raising their children Emmanuel and Sandra. They kept the beehive in their balcony and it produced so much honey they didn’t know what to do with it. They started gifting the honey to neighbors. Eventually the hobby grew into a passion and honeyraw was born.

John David

Master Beekeeper

Isabelle Ballestas

Chief Operations

Emmanuel Zoubovsky


Today, honeyraw has more than 600 beehives

across the country producing single floral honey 

Single Floral Honey
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Single floral honeys differ from multi floral honeys by the predominance of nectar collected from a single type of plant. The resulting honey is a unique honey that varies in color, texture, and taste. Beekeepers time the introduction of the hive and the actual harvesting of the comb to coincide with the blooming period of a specific plant species. This is done by carefully observing the blooming periods of plants and mapping the floral environment of different regions across the United States.

Blueberry Honey.jpg

Captures the essence of the tiny white blossoms from the Blueberry bush and brings it to your table. Full bodied

and deep in flavor.

Yellow Clover.jpg
Yellow Colver

Light and delicate honey with a warm undertone of cinnamon and nutmeg.  Sweet, flowery flavor and

pleasing mild taste.

Orange Blossom.jpg
Orange Blossom

Light in color and mild in flavor, with a fresh scent and light citrus taste.

Exceptional taste and great as a

spreading on bread or biscuit.

Red Mangrove Honey.jpg
Red Mangrove

Unique from the Florida Keys.

Medium light and really sweet.

Great as a sweetener

in coffee or tea.

Wildflower Honey.jpg

From the abundance of flowers in fields of Texas. This honey is a combination 

of nectar that makes it great to

combat allergies.

Citrus Honey.jpg

Mainly from the Key Lime tree, a dark, delicate honey with a citrus taste.

Pairs great as a morning delicacy on English muffins

Trying different single floral honeys is a revelation of aromas and taste. Some dark and rich, others almost clear and light, all very aromatic, reminiscent of their flower. Their taste; spicy, bitter, astringent, thick, smooth and creamy. Hundreds of variations. Following the flow of honey to its plant source can take you on an adventure around the country.

Like wine, the differences in single floral honeys are sometimes subtle and complex, and sometimes obvious and surprising.

This is what makes single floral honey unique and special.

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Our honey is a unique raw honey produced from the nectar of natural wild flora. It is as pure and as natural as nature intended. We control the entire process from beehive to honey extraction and bottling, and can guarantee our honey contains zero chemicals, antibiotics, or any other contaminants. So much that we hold the highest quality stamp of approval from the following organizations.


Non-GMO Project

The Non-GMO Project Verified seal gives shoppers the assurance that a product has completed a comprehensive third-party verification process for compliance with Non-GMO Standards.

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Kosher Organics

The “Kosher Organics” symbol is the highest standard symbol of integrity in kosher food certification on any ingredient or product that is 100% natural or certified organic.

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Miel Honey raw 4.png

raw honey, nothing else.

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