Red Chili Pods
Hot Honey

Aged Red Peppers Fused with

Raw Honey to Create the Perfect Hot Sauce

Real Peppers

The best quality sauce starts with premium red peppers picked at their prime and blended under the most carefully controlled conditions. The ingredients are simple enough: top quality peppers, tangy vinegar, and a unique proprietary blend of our single floral honey to add a delicious twist to your hot sauce. Use it to add the bold flavor of aged red peppers with a touch of honey to all your favorite dishes. This sweet and spicy flavor has a good chance to become your new favorite!

Our honey hot sauce proves that your kick can have a sweet side.

Chicken Wings with Honey Hot Sauce.jpg

All the Flavor you need made with simple ingredients.

The Sauce
Honey Hot Sauce.jpg

Our delicious recipe uses consciously selected ingredients that are hand picked and authentic. We preserve all the natural essence of our honeys in our sauce and handcraft small batches to keep the quality, freshness, and taste with which it was first created and intended. Who said that our sauces and condiments cannot be fully natural?

There is not much between you and the peppers.


Raw honey hot sauce, nothing else.